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  • Day 1-st day
    An early morning flight brings you to Ahvaz. We pick you up from the airport. After breakfast, we will have a short visit to Ahvaz and Karoon River before setting off on an introductory tour of Shushtar. Then we drive to Haft-Tappeh (excavation site, which consists of dozens of hills) and Tchogha-Zanbil (This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a ziggurat of the Elamite domination era). In the afternoon, you can tour Shushtar’s historical watermills. We will have lunch in the traditional Mostofi Museum and Restaurant. You will stay the night in Shushtar.
    Day 2-nd day
    This morning, we drive to Negin Bridge and Shimbar Waterfall. We will have lunch in a local home which is the last point we have electricity. In case we have more free time, we will visit Dezpart Steps. In the afternoon, we will have 3/4-hour hiking to reach the Nomad’s black tent in Mt. Zagros. Enjoy the views & lovely weather to conclude your evening. Tonight, under a starry sky, we will have a hot meal & cozy tent to camp to gather our strength for the next day which is the day of KUCH (Migration)!
    Day 3-4-5-th day
    Today, we are going on a pilgrimage to the first group of Nomads. They are Bakhtiari Nomads living in Zagros Mountain ranges. They are the most authentic Nomads of Iran who do seasonal migrations. We are going to do ‘Kuch’ (Migration) with them and by doing ‘Migration’ and living a nomadic lifestyle for a few days, we are going to soak up a primitive nomadic life, as if we live in the past. It is like a ‘living museum’ of indigenous people of Iran. That’s why it is called an ‘Odyssey’; as after these series of experiences we are going to learn so many things about life & ourselves. This morning, take in the spectacular view of the flock wandering around the surrounding green pastures. Today is the day of Migration: A Great Day for the Nomads. For 3 days we accompany them in their epic migration in Zagros mountain ranges. During these 3 days, we have an overall of 42 km hiking. ‘Flexibility’ is a keyword, since there is no fixed plan due to the Nomads’ flexible routine (sometimes we face some unexpected adventures to which we need to atadpt ourselves). While moving behind the flock in Zagros mountainous regions, don’t forget to devour the scenic beauty of the area – a view you never forget. You are all surrounded by imposing mountains or oak trees with the sound of sheep’s bell in your ears. Take photos and soak up the view. In the afternoon, when the Nomads stop moving & set up the black tent, you have plenty of quiet to enjoy the spectacular surroundings. At nights, a cool night’s sleep under the starry sky in the lower mountain temperatures would be quite enjoyable. You never forget the authentic nomadic lifestyle you experience while doing Kuch. On day 5, we say goodbye to the Nomads to continue our expedition to an amazing mountain village called Khouye. After 3 days migration with the nomads, a comfortable cozy village house would be a perfect lodge. Here we are rewarded with vast fruit gardens and wonderful old village houses. From the village, we will also have a fabulous view of the surrounding mountains. We will stay in the village for the night.
    Day 6-th day
    After breakfast explore the village. Then after bidding farewell to our host family, we will go to an amazing historical stepped village; Sar Agha Seyyed Village. Here we have the chance of appreciating the views of the old village houses where the yard of one, is the roof of the other. Zagros has always been the highest and hardest part of each nomadic migration. For more than thousands of years, Nomads have stopped in this village on their way to summer or winter pastures. We will hike for 15 minutes and visit a salt mine near the village. Then we will continue our road to Chelgerd where we will stay in a Hotel. Koohrang Spring is the next awesome destination. It is the biggest spring in Iran which is very rarely visited by passengers due to the exposed nature of the place & the rough road. For the night, we will get back the hotel
    Day 7-8-th day
    At noon, we reach Isfahan. Today and tomorrow, we do some sightseeing. We will visit some famous places in Isfahan like Naghshe Jahan Square / Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque / Shah Mosque / Ali Qapu. The afternoon is yours to have some rest. Then / Chehel Sotoun Palace / Si-o-se Pol Bridge / Khaju Bridge are visited. Now, we are steeped in rich history and culture of Isfahan. A good rest in the hotel awaits us.
    Day 9-10-11-th day
    On day 9, we move to Shiraz. In the evening we reach there. One of the top experiences in Shiraz is a visit to Hafezie. Hafez, the most famous Persian poet is buried in Hafezie. People believe Hafez’s poems give them clues to their future. We can try our chance by his tomb too. We will also visit some other monuments & historical places like Narenjestan & Karim Khan-e Zand Complex where the best architects & artists of the time were invited by Karim Khan to work on his citadel. The highlight of the day 10 is the Pink Mosque with its otherworldly colorful colors. The moment we step inside the mosque, it is not hard to see why people call it Pink or rainbow Mosque. In Shiraz, nothing is more pleasant to the eye than its vast green gardens. At noon, it is time to go and live with the nomads of the area called Qashqai Nomads. They are the second group of Nomads we are going to experience. Again here among Qashqai Nomads we have the opportunity to step back in time and explore another main ethnic group in Iran. After staying a night with them, on day 11, we will move to Naqsh-e Rostam & Persepolis, the ancient capital of the Achaemenid Empire, located in Kuh-e Rahmat (Mountain of Mercy). It is among the world’s greatest archaeological sites.
    Day 12-th day
    Today, first a big farewell to Shiraz and then we get prepared for the last group of Iran Nomads who live in one of the most fantastic authentic villages of Iran; Maymand. This village is registered in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In Maymand, we are going to stay with semi-nomadic agro-pastoralists villagers in an unusual form of housing, which you’ll find it quite wonderful. The hand-carved cave dwellings are extraordinary since they remind us of ancient times when people inhabited caves. These semi-nomads do semi-migration (Kuch) with their livestock to some surrounding pastures. We are going to have a serene tranquil night in these caves in MaymandMoon Ecolodge
    Day 13-th day
    In Kerman, the historic past of the city is fully represented in Ganjali Khan Complex in the old center of the city which is a fantastic example of Persian architecture of the Safavid era. Jabalieh Dome is the next ancient national monument we are going to visit to know more about the history and architecture of Kerman. Then, we are going to have a wonderful time wandering around the ancient bazaar of Kerman. The age of this grand bazaar goes back to 600 years ago. Then, in 15 minutes we will reach Mahan District. We will visit Shah Nematollah Vali Shrine & Mahan Garden which is the garden of Prince Mahan. Apart from the historical point of view, what is so amazing about this garden is the contrast between the lush green environment of the garden and the desert-like environment of the outside.
    Day 14-th day
    You fly to Tehran & prepare for your homeward fly.
  • Package price per pax for twin sharing. Extra charge for a single room 550 euro
  • Passports should be valid for at least six months after your departure from the country. Please do not bring an almost full or almost expired passport. Visa arrangements are the responsibility of the traveller.
Nomadopedia, Travel with Iranian Tribes
13 nights 14 days 04/01/2021
From 334,800,000 IRR
START DATE: 04/01/2021
Duration: 13 nights 14 days
Room Type: Nomadopedia
Travelers: 1 Adults
Price: 334,800,000 IRR

Included Services
  • 14 Breakfasts, 13 Lunches, 13 Dinners
  • Travel insurance
  • 13 Nights Accommodations
  • Entrance Fee
Excluded Services
  • Both International Arrival and Departure Transfers are excluded.
  • International Flights
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